Many Peaces Magazine Web Launch

the infamous #PeaceStudiesMagazine finally has its own web home 👏👏👏 well done ladies and gentleman's for publishing the latest peace studies happenings since, since now 5 beautiful volumes.
here, in the second volume you can read an interview on the #TheArtOfLivingSideways


My book at the Peace Studies OC in Innsbruck

last friday we celebrated the inauguration of the new #PeaceAndConflictStudiesUnit at the university of innsbruck, the home of my academic self. CONGRATULATIONS and well done to everybody involved in making this possible,  you are awesome! this is a big step for the future of #PeaceStudies YEAH.
#TheArtofLivingSideways not only made an appearance on the book table, it also looked pretty dope in the hand of those beautiful souls 😀 thank you ladies 🙏💞


gorilla show time

time to learn something new? for example long boarding a skate bowl? check out this promovideo of my rad deingorilla freestyle gang. shot in berlin this summer.  #ugauga #eat bananas #havefun


proud to say:

...that i am a deingorilla ambassador. sharing the magic of freestyle sports and healthy eating in austrian, german and swiss schools. the cherry on top is that both of my sisters are involved too. i would be happy if you give us a like on FB. its all to promote a good cause ;).


its all downhill from now

glad to have relocated to the hilly parts of germany. jihaaa freiburg bring it on!


Fantastic News: Teen Do!

Teen Do from The Do Lectures on Vimeo.

i have been a fan of the DO LECTURES  since i had the magical experience of being lucky enough to attend the happening in 2008. this august marks the arrival of the first TEEN DO. yihaaa what a great idea! despite the pretty video, what i like most about the initiative are the deep questions the teen organizers set off to find answers too


Gorilla.de is about to hit the road again

photo: TomCat

Not long now until the Gorilla Deutschland Tour will set sails again! This sunday is the kick off meeting with workshops starting in Munich on Monday the 6th of June. Cant wait for the smiles, giggles and many magical moments with all the crazy www.deingorilla.de monkeys. For more UGA UGA in Live. YEAH! 


leaving austria

vienna i will miss you! especially this beauty of a park called hütteldorf!


el.Makrell. = the latest ski edid must watch.

el.makrell | the forest from rosina on Vimeo.

my sister rosina had a serious injury at the beginning of the season when crashing hard in norwegian mountain ice. i am super amazed by her strong willpower and love for skiing that aided her on her journey back to health. now she fully recovered and produced this little gem. the video is inspired by her trip to norway and the love of fishing mackerels that she discovered during her time there.


ElicitiveMotion now online

my great friend rosalie is an excellent dj and has the talent to open up a space on the dance floor that leads you to your own inner truth. she finally has her website up and running and i am sure will be happy if you visit her www.elicitivemotion.com site.


the best ad ever

a campaign to break the taboo of talking about psychiatric illness in public. the association ganznormal.at draws attention to the urgent need to expand psychiatric and psychotherapeutic care in austria. well done i say.


Women Longboard Camps 2016

Three events, in three countries with registration and more information happening here.

If you want to learn how to longboard those longboard camps are going to be your best bet.

1) March in Portugal
2) June in the middle of Germany
3) August in South of France


The Art of Living Sideways on Facebook

My book #theartoflivingsideways has now also got a facebook profile. jihaaa come and have a look and give us a like if you dig the page. we will appreciate it, merci


Jahrmarkt on Skis with Rosina Friedel

my talented sister rosina friedel just published her new skiing edid. sharing stylish handplants and all sort of other things.  i love it schatzi!


Roll-Laden Zürich just stocked my book

jiiiiihaaaaa the art of living sideways is now also available at switzerland's most epic skate shop: the roll-laden! and i am not saying this because they just stocked my book, although this is for sure another reason for their epicness. for those of you who do not know yet; the shop in the konradstrasse 72 not only supports the skateboard family since ever, roll-laden also donates 1% of their early turnover to a philanthropic project. also not to forget the excellent service as well as the grand collection of decks, wheels, trucks and all the schnick schnack you can dream off. 

drop in. get the book. support your local skate shop and ride out.


GoldenRide interview now online

previously the goldenride magazine interview was only available in the original print version. now it is online as well.  anita fuchs asks me about my latest book: the art of living sideways and we talk about peace work in the 21st century. in particular that peace work should be concerned with unfolding the potential inherent to all of us and how skateboarding plays a part in this.  the interview is in german but google translate might be able to help.

Rastplatz - A mobile kitchen for refugees

rastplatz means literally "a place to rest" in german.  a friend of mine and his crew will be traveling to the balcans in the orange vw bus that is home to a mobile kitchen. their mission is to support the thousands of people who flee conflict areas. they already collected money for 1000 meals. however they still need 2,500EUR to complete their funding goal. please donate on betterplace

here is more from rastplatz: 
There is an increase of people fleeing conflict areas over the Balkans towards EU countries. Some places are having to accommodate hundreds or up to thousands of people because they cannot continue the journey or because they need to take a rest. They have left many challenges behind but new ones are ahead of them. Despite strong efforts of humanitarian and development aid organizations, they are not able to be present everywhere. The situation is both depressing and shameful. We want to contribute to supporting these people in their struggle. 


The Art of Living Sideways in GoldenRide

jucheee summer time is beach reading time and i finally got hold of a copy from the latest goldenride issue. while hiding away high up in the mountains the awesome goldenride magazine was published. in it a two double spread interview where anita fuchs askes me some deep going questions about my latest book: the art of living sideways. get your copy here and check it out.


Skateboard Workshops

bavarian summer holiday are on and we are READY! Come and join us for skateboard workshops on long and short decks or sign up your kid under skateboardworkshop.de


Conflict Transformaton, Acton Sports & Therapy

next week i will be presenting a 20minute PeaceTalk at the 1st innsbruck academic festival of many peaces. during this presentation i will be sharing my latest research on the fusion of elicitive conflict transformation, action sports and psychotherapy. 

after the PeaceTalk there will be a 10minute Q&A session and i am looking forward to seeing many of you for a fruitful discussion. start is 9.30am at the grillhofweg 100 in vill by innsbruck. for more visit here.


White Powder


i have been spending the month of july working on a mountain hut 2175m above sea level and we hat the first snow this morning. pretty view and clean air. i am loving it up here. 


Book Review on Twin Sisters

the fantastic ladies at twinsisters published a grand review of my latest book: “the art of living sideways” on their page. thank you for spreading the word sisters! check it out here. 


Book Presentation

photo: daniela ingruber
thank you to everybody who made it to my book presentation in innsbruck last friday. it was an honour to see so many lovely faces there.


Follow Us

photo: www.johempel.com

skateboarding, longboarding, frisbee, footbag, freestyle football or break dance in the morning and nutrition ateliers in the afternoon with yummy breakfast buffet and lunch menus in-between. on a GORILLA Workshop day kids can pick and choose from a selection of different freestyle sports that enrich happines neurotransmitters and suport a fit lifestyle. check our blog with great pictures from joe hempel and follow the german gorilla tour on facebook.

photo: www.johempel.com


Tourstart - We Are On!

for the coming three weeks we, that is GORILLA are going to visit different german schools with the mission to bring more uga-uga power into the everyday school routine. packed with a big trailer full of skateboards, longboards, ramps, music and more good stuff we are about to inspire kids with freestyle sports and healthy eating workshops.