Snug - the Travel Hoodie

Hooded garment for travellers, addressing the need for a more comfortable and safer way of sleeping whilst on the move.

Trends show that an increasing number of people travel and sleep in airports and train stations but also on their mode of transport. Professional surfers, snowboarders and skaters for example travel a lot to compete at events around the world and use the (potential wasted) time spend travelling to catch up on some sleep.

Providing the traveller with the opportunity to gain a better sleep whilst on the move means they can use the time spent on the destination more productively.

Snug acts as a sheltering environment for sleeping by providing the wearer with an inflatable neckpiece integrated into the hood that supports the wearers neck. Attached into the hood is a face shield to block out light and give privacy to the sleeper. The hood has got a snug fit so it will stay tight on the head in windy conditions, but also when performing fast downhill manoeuvres. Snug comes with earplugs to block out unwanted noise and has got a small compartment to store them safely. Furthermore it has got a 100 decibels safety whistle that acts as an audible crime deterrent. It also has intergrated hand warmer mittens to provide a cocoon like environment for resting.

100% MAPP merino was chosen to construct the garment because of its technical properties but also due to its sustainable manufacturing process. The fabric promotes balanced body temperature regulation and its naturally odour repellent meaning it needs to be washed less.

Copyright 2008 Sophie Friedel. All rights reserved.


Anonymous said...

whats the name of it?

Travel Pillows said...

Snug is one great travel hoodie pillow! Bought it before.

Anonymous said...

Hi, when can I buy one of these Snug hoodies?