Do Lectures- In case I make a mistake, can I make another decision?

Michael Braungart is THE guy I really wanted to see at the Do Lectures. I have read his book and seen a few videos on you-tube and I  think his ideas are a key to a more sustainable future.

He touched on a lot of thinks but for me it was good to hear what he had to say about how things don't need to last forever. He went on that products need to have a defined period but it is important that they are put into the right cycle afterwards. He went on and talked about the biosphere and technosphere and how we should design so that materials can go back into either of them. 

In a funny and thought provoking way he informed and made us question a lot of different products from carpets to recycled freitag bags. 

His key ideas are:
Be good and not less bad!
Design Cradle to Cradle
Design for re-incarnation
Do we need the service or the product? (ie. hot air or hairdryer..) 

Think about: in case a mistake happens, can we make another decision?

Watch his lecture at: www.thedolectures.com/speakers/michael-braungart

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