Want to learn how to skate and live around Munich Town in Bavaria? Albertross Skateboard School is founded by former World Skateboard Champion Tobias (Albertross) Kupfer and offers high quality skate workshops for kids. The sessions are spread over two days and begin with a little theory, warm up and lots of time to skate. Split into several groups there is something for beginners and advanced skaters alike.  Sadly today its raining but I had the pleasure to be involved in some of the workshops as tutor and so far the workshops have been full of joy and giggles. I would press the I Like button if I had one!

The new workshop times are out for this spring and summer. 

Easter Holiday Workshops 2012 
31.03.-01.04.2012 München – Theresienwiese
02.04.-03.04.2012 München – Fasanerie
04.04.-05.04.2012 München – Zamilapark
04.04.-05.04.2012 Wolfratshausen – Waldram
06.04.-07.04.2012 München – Trudering
09.04.-10.04.2012 München – Hirschgarten
11.04.-12.04.2012 München – Ramersdorf Im Gefilde
12.04.-13.04.2012 Wolfratshausen – Waldram
13.04.-14.04.2012 München – Riem

for registration and more visit the Albertross Skateboard School website. 

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