Osinlica: Slovenia's Longboard Heaven

photo credit: Samy Cantieni

photo credit: Petra Moser

Coaching sessions, freeride runs, race passions, drafting, dancing, cone wiggles, corner sliding, standis practice, early morning yoga sessions, river jumps, campfire actions, deathly Slivovic and shared Longboard love marked last weeks Women Lonboard Camp (WLC) in Osinlica. 

O.K, my intention was to update this blog every evening during the WLC but only made the arrival and first day of the camp. As usual far to busy with life in the here & now than staring on a computer screen. 

Since the departure of the WLC participants yesterday afternoon I had some time to recover and reflect. Osinlica with its Bears Gut's and the Vixen is defiantly a place that increases my heard beat. Not only are there those too fantastic roads to skate on. After 18 diverse corner at the bottom of the Bears Guts is a refreshing river and a sleepy tiny village full of longboarders that share some of my passions. 
Teaching for days on end with an amazing road in front of my nose with out really being able to skate my beloved Airflow Bracket was not an easy thing to do. Nevertheless having nearly 40 female riders improving their skate skills on a stunning mountain road was an experience I do not want to miss. The smiley faces of all the riders and seeing the fast improvements and the increase of speed after each run was super inspirational. Actually it nearly made me a wee bit gobsmacked to see how fast the women perfected their riding techniques.

It was a beautiful experience to have an entire mountain road blocked for just lady riders and to be in an all female environment for a week. Now I am pleased to be out of the bubble and back in the real world where man and women mingle when skateboarding. Its great to have female only initiatives in board-sports to get more girls riding, however I prefer a diverse environment and find it does not matter if it is a man or women that comes on a skateboard. Overall I am happy and satisfied with the result of the first Women Longboard camp and I hope we can prepare WLC volume nr two for next summer.

Thank you for the Slovenian Team & Co for blocking the roads for us and letting us skate without being bothered by cars. Thank you for Samy and the Swiss Skate Van to lift us back to the top and thank you for all riders, coaches and course marshals for the great runs, giggles and shared experiences on the camp fire, at the skinny dipping session in moonlight and the ritual Slivovice rounds. girls, girl, longboard, longboarding, women, girl, sexy, downhill, slide, freeride, skateboarding, skate, deck, airflow, airflow skateboards

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Elbert Walker said...

Hi there. What longboards are those in the top picture? They are beautiful.