Babes on Boards Exhibition

if only i was a bit closer to spain! this looks just like my cup of tea - an exhibition that shows a collection of pictures of the artist on the flayer and girls skateboarding. but not your usual macho-sexism type of babes skateboarding. but real girls skateboarding!

“She is blind by her alienation, drowned by her pains, by these dangerous devil, her own devil.
She wants to find a way to get away from her own dark side & from her fears.
The story behind this series is an escape attempt in order to finally feel good, serene, in peace with oneself.
I’m nobody to say that skateboarding is the key to happiness but it does embodies this feeling of freedom, this escape, this trip towards a better world.” 

sais artist elisa routa on skate.boardgirl.com about what she is about to represent tonight.

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