The Art of Living Sideways

wohooooooooo! my book is out as of today. In the art of living sideways i explore the action of skateboarding as a way to escape cycles of despair and one way to experience peace. inspired by my involvement with the wonderful ngo skateistan in kabul i write within the context of youth empowerment and explore how skateboarding can be understood as an elicitive approach to peace work. I am very grateful to my fantastic supervisor norbert koppensteiner for making this happen and for iain borden for writing me the best forward i could have wished for. thank you for all you other folks for helping me with this project, especially rich & marije from floda31 for offering your home for me to contemplate, and for alexandra stewart as well as shawn bryan for the proofreading. 

the book is availabel as soft copy or e-book stright from springer publishing or via amazon.  

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